Management team

Kevin Moorhouse

Chief Operating Officer, Gravity Media Group

As COO, Kevin is responsible for the group’s global operations across all of its services.

Kevin has worked in the broadcast industry for over 30 years.

Having held positions including senior technician for South Africa Broadcasting Corporation and technical manager responsible for facilities and manpower for outside broadcast, studio, news and flyaway facilities, Kevin left his native South Africa to become Engineering Manager for Gearhouse Broadcast in the UK.

Kevin worked his way from Engineering Manager in 1997 to Gravity Media Group’s (GMG) Technical Director in 2004. In 2011 he was promoted to GMG’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) where he was responsible for group-wide technical operations and oversaw the delivery of all large-scale projects. At the same time he became Managing Director (MD) of Gearhouse Broadcast in the UK where his responsibilities included managing the sales, rental, systems integration and flyaway projects teams. 

Kevin’s career highlight is having been responsible for driving Gearhouse Broadcast technically and operationally to make the company the premier supplier of large scale facilities for the world’s largest sporting events. Since becoming COO of Gravity Media Group, he has been instrumental in helping the group expand the services we offer globally and ensuring that technical excellence and client service are the company’s main focus.

Kevin is a regular speaker and panel member at industry conferences and events, including the SVG Summit.

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